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The Journey To Mars

Lightspeed Velocity

A Star Is Born

Mars was built with a simple vision: do what’s necessary to create amazing experiences.

Our First Expedition

Mars launched in May of 2014 with a colorful and bright festival for 10,000 thrill seekers in Washington, DC’s Navy Yard.

The Great Expanse

Mars has since ventured out and produced experiences across the country.

Next Stop...

Blast off!


Ryland Greenhouse


Planet of Origin: Hyrule

Mission: As leader of the Martians, Ryland is constantly striving to create environments and opportunities for people to make lifelong, powerful memories with each other. Armed with over 10 years of creating successful experiential concepts of vastly different shapes, sizes, and smells, he brings his box of lessons learned into every new project, ready to take on the next challenge with a grin and gusto. When he’s not behind the wheel of the ship, you can find Ryland out exploring the mysteries of planet Earth with his wife and an adorable creature known as a canine.

Heather Gordon

Operations Director

Planet of Origin: Gallifrey

Mission: As a Time Lord, managing multiple time streams and vast amounts of information come as second nature to Heather. Over the past 10 years she has perfected the art of operations, logistics and finding creative solutions in a crisis. She comes from a long heritage of book lovers and yogis, exploring the universe in her TARDIS until finding her home on Mars. Now she uses her sense of adventure, eagle eye for detail along with her true belief that all you need to do is take a deep breath and roll up your sleeves to find the solution to any problem.


Kylene McGuinness

Creative Director

Planet of Origin:  A small planet in the vicinity of Betelgeuse

Mission: Kylene is the Captain doodle bug aboard the Mars On Gravity ship.  She fills her hours being a dream-builder, wish granter, and a detail aficionado. When she’s not playing with her adorable little martian, you can find her brainstorming how to make a client’s vision come to life, or proofing the Prefect email (DON’T PANIC).  Starting out on Betelgeuse 5, she worked with the little Betelgeusians in Special Education, teaching them the finer points of Vogon poetry. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, she decided to move on to catering, then propelled into the world of Mars. Here she’s found comfort in knowing a lesson plan and run of show are one in the same, just with different aliens. She looks forward to working with you on all your out of this world needs.

Maxine Hillman

Director of Event Production

Planet of Origin: Endor

Mission: By day, Max serves as Director of Event Production on Mars and by night dreams of world domination and comfy sweatshirts. Before she made her home amongst the adorable and remarkably violent species native to Endor, Max began work in film and television art departments in Los Angeles. This drives her love of creating worlds for people to explore. A lifetime of being a theater kid and her pursuit of higher education left her with a strong belief that a spreadsheet is the best way to make these worlds possible once you’ve thrown everything you have at the wall and have found out what sticks. Max found her way across the country where she now joyfully plays on Mars, teaches yoga, and slowly expands her encyclopaedic database of pop culture nonsense.

Behind The Scenes