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Experiences are Psychological

December 9, 2015

When I describe what I do to people, they mostly say, “Oh! You’re an event planner.”

I always smile, and say, “Not exactly. I’m an Experience Planner.” Let me explain....

Experiences are psychological. They make us feel alive. They help us learn, grow and strengthen relationships. They make up so much of who we are as a species on this planet, which is why they are so powerful. Experiences are ingrained in our DNA.

You know those “feel good” chemicals in your brain: Dopamine, Endorphin, Oxytocin, Serotonin? They go crazy when you’re in a COMFORTABLE environment. With any experience, the more comfortable you are, the more you can reap the benefits.

An example of how being uncomfortable can ruin everything:

Ever been to a concert or show where you couldn’t wait to see your favorite performer, but right before they start to play you realize you have to use the bathroom, and there’s a MASSIVE line that doesn’t move?

That’s the worst! It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve spent, how long you’ve waited, how much work you put in to get your friends to come with you. You have to pee and you can’t! Experience, ruined.

Next time you’re planning an event (it doesn’t matter what it’s for), don’t think about it like an event, and most importantly, don’t be intimidated by it. Think about it from your own, human perspective. You were born with these skills!

  • What would YOU like to see/hear/smell when you walk into the room?
  • What would make YOU comfortable at the beginning, middle and end of the experience?
  • What would YOU need after you’ve finished your first drink?
  • What would YOU want to remember when you go home?

Finally, try this (it’s my favorite thing to do when I plan):

Pretend like you’re a kid again and use that imagination of yours to play! Is that elevator just an elevator or a “pop-up” dance party? Is that wall just a wall or a place to draw all over? Is that lounge space just a place for a few couches or an improv puzzle den?

It’s small ideas like this that make the biggest impact.