Mars On Gravity

Our Approach

90 // 10: Our approach to every partnership is to take each element of the experience to 90% so you only have to make decisions on the last 10%.

If you said "event" you're in the right place

Everything is an Experience

From intimate product launch parties, experiential marketing concepts to 40,000 person festivals, we treat every event as a psychological experience.

Let's create

All you'll hear is "wow".


We approach festival design like a crack NASA engineering team. Each element is perfectly calibrated for a seamless, applause-worthy launch.


Let's make a memory together

Festivals Case Study:

Neon Drink On

Show your employees their value.

Company Outings

Provide unconventional, valuable experiences to enrich your employees. Teams bond fast in awe-inspiring situations.


Let's make you Employer of the Year

Company Outings Case Study:

National Geographic's Build-A-Boat

They don't have to be boring.


Comfortable attendees overcome conference anxiety quickly and are able to share, learn, and grow. Your job is to get the people to the conference. Our job is to make them never want to leave.


Let's get started

Conferences Case Study:

The Innovators Conference

See and share as your event comes to life.

3D Event Rendering

Utilizing a state-of-the-art CAD program, we create crazy-real renderings that capture the look and feel of your event, so you know what to expect. (PS: This is really helpful in acquiring sponsors).


Let's build a reality together

3D Event Rendering Case Study:

Backyard Beer Fest