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Case Study

The Innovators Conference

Client's Problem wanted to produce a 2-day conference for 1,000 people comprised of the DC Start Up scene and Government Officials in a comfortable environment. They didn’t want to spend time creating the experience, planning logistics or managing check-in and the flow of the conference. They wanted to create the content, acquire the sponsors and manage the speakers. Most importantly, they didn’t want this conference to feel like a standard “conference”... they wanted something sexy, something with color, something playful. Logistically there were over 100 speakers, 50 workshops, 20 panels, 4 keynote speakers, VIP lunches and dinners, pre-conference parties, post-conference parties.

Our Solution

We created a fully branded experience through an environmental theme that was best described as “Tron meets Tony Stark’s living room”.

Every aspect of Collaborate had a continuous look and feel utilizing the jedi lightsaber-esque “blue” of Collaborate’s logo. This ensured that the guest knew they were inside Collaborate, no matter which aspect of the conference they were attending. Logistically, we had to create, direct and manage the flow of 1,200 guests throughout the entire Ronald Reagan Building to ensure they were able to find the programming they were interested in attending. To accomplish this, we placed individual staff members strategically throughout the building so at every turn, there was someone with a smile to direct them.

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