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Case Study

National Geographic's Build-A-Boat

Client's Problem

National Geographic Channels needed a “team-building” event for 200 employees that involved hands-on creativity, teamwork, an element of competition, food and adult beverages and was held at an outdoor location.

Our Solution

We produced the “Nat Geo Build-A-Boat Competition”.

Nat Geo’s employees were split into teams. Each team had to work together to design and build a “boat” from cardboard boxes, pool noodles, duct tape and a smorgasbord of other materials in 2 hours. After the boats were constructed, each team would pick a member(s) to race their boat against the other teams. These final competitors faced off in an epic battle for, what truly was, the boat that could simply stay afloat the longest. After the heat of competition subsided, they enjoyed an All You Can Eat Crab Feast with an open Beer and Wine Bar over-looking the Chesapeake Bay.

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"This was such a great day, it was exactly what I wanted. I wanted to gather everyone together and do something that was fun, do some team building and we had such a good showing… it reminded me of what a great group of people work here."

COURTNEY MONROE CEO National Geographic Channels

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